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RJ’s Preschool Academy is a Christian Preschool dedicated to providing quality early childhood education to prepare children for Kindergarten and beyond. It’s purpose is to Encourage Discovery, Equip for Growth and Engage in Prayer.


Ages 24 months to 5 years
RJ’s Preschool Academy offers innovative curriculum models generously provided by The Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation, that help children learn to read and write including the Handwriting Without Tears writing program and Zoo Phonics. Potty training and annual hearing and vision tests are also offered. The unique preschool campus offers unparalleled opportunities for children to explore their skills and potential in the following areas:

Infant Care

8 weeks to 12 months
RJ’s Preschool Academy understands the importance of a nurturing environment that promotes development and discovery for infants. With that in mind, our infant care program is focused on creating a warm, supportive relationship between care giver and infant to promote sound emotional development. We focus on sensory development; tactile, audio/visual activities; singing and storytelling. Free play, manipulative toys and age-appropriate art activities promote self-discovery, socialization, imagination and creativity. Our infant program allows for individual schedules, fashioned by the parents and infants themselves.

Waddler Care

12 months to 24 months
Waddlers are transitioning from babies to toddlers. During this crucial time of brain development, amazing changes begin to happen including talking, walking and remembering. At RJ’s Preschool Academy, we have a curriculum designed to nurture and guide Waddler’s need for independence and safe exploration, as they begin to imitate and pretend play. At this age children understand 10 times more than they can speak, and our staff is sympathetic to the frustrations that come along with that. Waddlers are encouraged to free play, and structure is introduced with the inclusion of teacher directed art projects and themed lessons.

Rj’s Preschool Academy & Infant Care Rate Sheets & Forms

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“RJ’s Preschool Academy has been an amazing experience for my daughter and family. The staff and teachers create a safe, nurturing and educational environment where children feel special. My daughter is excited to go to school each day and even asks to go to school on the weekends. She talks about her teachers like they are part of our family. I’m amazed every day by the amount my two-year-old learns at school and am confident they are helping to foster a love of learning for my daughter from an early age.”
-Preschool Parent

“My son has been reciting colors and his shapes at only 20 months and I owe it all to RJ’s Academy and his teachers.” “Avery’s father and I are feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity for Avery to grow and develop in a facility such as the Kroc Center where the whole family can grow together by participating in a variety of activities and programs.” “We feel we are not just part of a preschool, but part of a community”
-Waddler Care Parent