Learn to Skate


Kroc Center Ice offers Skating School classes for kids, beginners, adults, and aspiring hockey players!  Learning to ice skate on a busy schedule is easy.  Most classes are offered Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays…just pick the day that best fits your schedule and stick to it. Current Skating School students get unlimited, free access to all public ice skating sessions and free skate rental.

Current Skating School students receive all of these benefits:
- One 30-minute class per week.  (Make ups are not available)
– FREE, UNLIMITED access to ALL Public Skating sessions while enrolled
– FREE skate rental for classes and Public Skating sessions
– Progress report
– Graduation certificate

Skating School Curriculum is based on the Ice Skating Institute’s “We Skate” program.

Kroc SKATE SCHOOL August 31-October 24…enrollment opens Aug 24th!


PHONE 619.269.1498
EMAIL info@kroccenterice.com

We currently do not offer online enrollment for Skating School classes.
Please enroll in-person at the ice arena during any of the times below;

Mondays  2:00pm – 8:00pm
Wednesdays  10:00am – 8:30pm
Fridays  10:00am – 7:30pm
Saturdays  10:30am – 3:00pm
Sundays  12:00pm – 3:00pm



If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact: Shaun Bailey – Skating School Manager

Phone: 619.269.1484
Email: shaun.bailey@usw.salvationarmy.org


Here are a few tips to help you better enjoy your class experience:

  • Be on time! Doors close 15 minutes after classes have begun.
  • We recommend gloves and warm clothing.
  • Younger children are easily distracted, especially by their parents. Help them focus, stay out of sight.
  • Skates should be tight but still comfortable.
  • Be realistic about your abilities and goals. Don’t compare yourself to other skaters.
  • Focus on acquiring skills, not class placement.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice! Remember Public Skating is FREE to current students.
  • Don’t miss a class! There are no make ups, so don’t miss a class.


Below is our Skating School class structure: Week 1 Evaluation & Introduction Instructors will evaluate students and ensure you are in the correct class for your skill level. Instructors will introduce all the moves you will be learning in the several classes to come. Week 3 & 5 Quiz Your instructor will quiz you on a few maneuvers you’ve learned and let you know how you are doing. Week 7 Progress Report You will be tested on each maneuver you’ve learned and receive a progress report. Students who are ready to move onto the next level will receive a certificate.


Curriculum Beginning Skate thru Delta


Parent & Me Ages 3-5 with Parent Toddlers will learn with assistance and on-ice encouragement of a parent. This class introduces the basics of ice skating to young children through fun and games.  Fee includes both parent and child.
Tiny Tots Ages 3 & 4 For toddlers who no longer require parental assistance, this class introduces ice skating basics such as falling, getting up, marching,  using fun and games designed by our instructors.  Age appropriate, ice skating games keep toddlers involved but still learning.
Kinder Ages 5 & 6 Developed for kindergarteners, this class uses a fun approach to teaching skating fundamentals.  Children will master basics such as T Position and Push and Glide Stroking while also preparing for more involved maneuvers.
Beginning Skate Ages 6-13 Introduces the young skater to the basics of ice skating.  Skaters will learn amongst their peers to become proficient in ice skating fundamentals, leaving this class with confidence, ready to move into either figure skating or hockey.  This class fulfills the pre-requisite to move onto Pre Alpha or Hockey Skating.


Interested in playing ice hockey…learning to ice skate would be the place to start.  We encourage all new skaters to start in Beginning Skate class, once completed the student will move onto Hockey and then onto Rookies.  Skating is the core skill in hockey and is emphasized in all our hockey programs. Classes are 30-minutes each, 7 classes per session, one class per week, unless otherwise noted. Trained and certified USA Hockey coaches instruct each class. Hockey equipment is OPTIONAL, locker rooms are not available for changing.
Youth Hockey Skating Student must have completed Beginning Skate or equivalent class. Ages 6-13 Introduces hockey skating fundamentals.  A HECC approved hockey helmet is required.
Adult Hockey Skating Class Ages 14 and over Designed to teach hockey skating fundamentals to adults. Great for those aspiring to play ice hockey or looking for a new form of exercise. A HECC approved hockey helmet is recommended.


Ages 6-13 Our Skating School offers the entire range of figure skating classes.  Class curriculums closely follow the Ice Skating Institute’s “We Skate” program and are taught as the ISI intended.  All classes are taught by Professional ISI Certified instructors.  Once the student completes Beginning Skate they will progress through the classes below; Pre Alpha Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Freestyle 1-5


Specialty Classes are a fun alternative for the more advanced skater with classes that work on specific aspects of figure skating through classes such as Harness & Axel, Jump & Spin, Ballet on Ice, Ice Dance, etc.  Click on the Skating School flyer at the top of this page for current Specialty classes.


Ages 14 and over Adult Beginning Skate Adults learn alongside mature skaters with similar interests!  This class will introduces the basic fundamentals of ice skating. Adult Intermediate/Advanced Skate For the adult skater who has a background in figure skating, this class focuses on spins and edges.