These sessions are intended for practicing figure skaters and are not open to the general public, if you are interested in recreational Public Ice Skating CLICK HERE

April 2015 FREESTYLE schedule

May 2015 – Freestyle Calendar

Freestyle sessions are limited to 30 figure skaters MAXIMUM, NO EXCEPTIONS.

For the safety of all skaters, WEEKDAY AFTERNOON & WEEKEND FREESTYLE SESSIONS; Skaters must have officially tested at least ISI Freestyle 1 to skate on afternoon & weekend sessions without a coach. If a skater is not at this level or has not tested, skater must be in a lesson with a coach the entire time on the ice. When the private lesson is over, skater must exit the ice.

Walk On $10
20 passes $175
50 passes $375


  • The skater skating their program has the “right of way” at all times.
  • You should wear “the belt” while skating your freestyle program to alert other skaters and coaches that you are skating your program.
  • The skater that is in a private lesson has next “right of way”.
  • You should say “Excuse me” to alert another skater that you are skating in their direction.
  • You may not restart your music.
  • You must wait until your turn.
  • You must follow the line for music.
  • The music skating order is 1 skater, 1 coach.
  • No extra music devices on the freestyle sessions, if you must use one to choreograph a program it must remain on the boards at all times.
  • Coaches skating on a freestyle session must follow all rules.
  • Coaches skating on a freestyle session must yield to all skaters and coaches at all times.
  • Coaches should stand along the boards.
  • Show good sportsmanship at all times. Be polite, respectful and courteous to all skaters and coaches.