These sessions are intended for practicing figure skaters and are not open to the general public, if you are interested in recreational Public Ice Skating CLICK HERE

October 2015 – Freestyle Calendar

Freestyle sessions are limited to 30 figure skaters MAXIMUM, NO EXCEPTIONS.

For the safety of all skaters, WEEKDAY AFTERNOON & WEEKEND FREESTYLE SESSIONS;Skaters must have officially tested at least ISI Freestyle 1 to skate on afternoon & weekend sessions without a coach. If a skater is not at this level or has not tested, skater must be in a lesson with a coach the entire time on the ice. When the private lesson is over, skater must exit the ice.

Walk On $10
20 passes $180
50 passes $400


  • The skater skating their program has the “right of way” at all times.
  • You should wear “the belt” while skating your freestyle program to alert other skaters and coaches that you are skating your program.
  • The skater that is in a private lesson has next “right of way”.
  • You should say “Excuse me” to alert another skater that you are skating in their direction.
  • You may not restart your music.
  • You must wait until your turn.
  • You must follow the line for music.
  • The music skating order is 1 skater, 1 coach.
  • No extra music devices on the freestyle sessions, if you must use one to choreograph a program it must remain on the boards at all times.
  • Coaches skating on a freestyle session must follow all rules.
  • Coaches skating on a freestyle session must yield to all skaters and coaches at all times.
  • Coaches should stand along the boards.
  • Show good sportsmanship at all times. Be polite, respectful and courteous to all skaters and coaches.