At Kroc Church, we don’t gather to put on a show or impress one another. We strive to be honest about who we are, and our goal is to glorify God with our lives; it is the grace of God that motivates us. We hope to point our community to Jesus.

Kroc Church is simply a group of people with a common desire to follow and love Jesus. Being part of The Salvation Army Kroc Center allows us a number of different ways to create community. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you find yourself in life, we would love to have you join us.

So many of the visitors to Kroc Church are searching for answers to some of life’s most challenging questions. It is our desire that this search will lead to the discovery of the incredible and unconditional love of God.

So welcome to Kroc Church! We pray that as you participate in worship this morning you will be blessed. If there is any way we can serve you, please feel free to let us know.


We offer a friendly worship service, with teaching emphasizing holy living in the 21st Century. Dress code is comfortable to casual – you’ll see flip-flops and neckties in the same row, but that doesn’t mean our approach to Christianity is casual. Come and learn more about Christ in a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Ages 0-2
Room 162
Nursery care is provided for babies. We have a pager system, which alerts parents as to whether their child needs a diaper change or a hug. Nursery care allows parents to relax and enjoy the Word of God without any interruptions.

Wigglin’ Worship
Ages 3-5
Room 160
Wigglin’ Worship provides a safe and comfortable place for parents to leave their infants and toddlers as they have their time of worship. Through simple stories, music and fun age-appropriate play, infants and toddlers learn how much God loves them, and how easy it is for them to love Him back. We invite you, as parents of an infant or toddler, to visit Wigglin’ Worship at any time.

Kroc Krew
Ages 6-11
Room 155
After praise and worship, the children are dismissed to Jr. Church, where they will be given the chance to discover God’s Plan for their lives. Through our fun, bold, and relevant approach to teaching, kids will build lasting friendships with God, their church family, and their community.

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Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center (FRC) provides emergency assistance, services and referrals for families and individuals in need in this community. Social Workers are available to meet with clients and to provide services including: emergency food assistance, case management, referrals, assessments, and scholarships. The FRC also hosts educational courses including Parenting, Nutrition and ESL.

Random Acts of Kindness


Did you receive a “Random Act of Kindness” card at the Kroc Center? Pay it forward by performing a random act of kindness such as leaving a couple bucks on a Redbox©, vending machine, gas pump, or an aisle at a store for someone else to find.

Find more ideas here!